Making Home Insurance Easier

House Insurance

Home or House insurance can help protect you from unexpected events like escape of water, fire, storm, floods and theft. There are two types of Home Insurance: Buildings Insurance, if you need to protect the structure of your home and Contents Insurance, if you need cover for your belongings. Your policy can include both or you can choose to take either one out separately:
Buildings Insurance covers the costs of repairing or rebuilding the structure of your home and its permanent fixtures and fittings should it be damaged or destroyed. It includes your garages and domestic outbuildings within the boundaries of your land.
Contents Insurance covers your household goods and personal belongings like clothes, furniture, curtains and kitchen appliances in the home (including contents inside garages within the boundaries of your land) - everything you'd take with you if you moved to a new house.

Protecting your home

It doesn't matter whether you live in a one-bedroom flat or a five-bedroom detached house, your home is no doubt your castle. So it's important to make sure that you have the right protection in place in case something should go wrong.

What if there was a fire or the roof was damaged in a storm? Would you be able to pay for the repairs? And where would you live if your house was uninhabitable? Your home also contains some of your most valuable possessions. Could you afford to replace your flat screen TV or your jewellery collection if you were the target of burglars?

Did you know?

. The average family of four estimates their contents to be worth £25,000.

However, their true value is actually closer to £55,000

- Source

Why do I need home insurance?

We'll guide you through your options - and help you make the right decision.

Having home insurance means you won’t be out of pocket if you need to repair your home or replace your belongings after they’ve been stolen, damaged or destroyed. It comes in two parts: buildings insurance (cover against damage to the house itself) and contents insurance (for damaged or stolen items within the home). These can be combined or bought separately, so the first step is deciding which option is better for you.